I’m Determined

Im Determined logoI’m Determined

We make choices every day. Hit snooze or get up on time. Coffee/Tea/Mt. Dew. Blue or Green Shirt. To work or not to work. Choices are so deeply embedded in our days that we often blow through them without realizing or giving a second thought.

Have you ever been sick or injured where you needed help with the basics? Has there ever been a time in your life where your choice has been removed from you? Your self determination is temporarily revoked and someone else makes decisions on your behalf? For children and youth with disabilities, many times they are not afforded the opportunity to make decisions on their own and then they are expected to “transition” out of high school into a world that demands choice. I understand Transition to begin at birth, no matter your ability.

The I’m Determined project has created teaching models and free resources for youth self determination. Teachers, parents and students are provided opportunities to learn, to practice, to fail, to succeed in not just making choices but in leading a self determined life.

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