Play On!

Play with MeI had coffee this morning with a great new friend! Lacy Morise of Milestones and Miracles! Lacy, a Speech Therapist and her partner in crime (and therapy) Nicole, a Physical Therapist, joined forces to create something tangible for families to use to learn how to connect and play with their infants and toddlers. The Milestones and Miracles “Meet Our Team” website section says it best:


As mothers and therapists, we believe…

that children should be allowed to take their time, play and explore

that learning occurs naturally through play (and is best enjoyed this way)

that learning about how our children develop helps us appreciate and understand them

that children are our greatest gift


Play is SO incredibly important to children’s growth and development. Not only does it give an opportunity to engage in relationship, but it helps to develop critical thinking skills, spatial awareness, a sense of self and so much more! The Milestones and Miracles Blog gives practical tips and strategies for reading, writing, play…too long of a list for this blog…see for yourself!

Check out what Lacy and Nicole are doing and give them a shout out from DIFability RAD!

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