Different IZ Good…Spread the Word!


Team TLC!
Thomas Lillian and mom, Camilla

Camilla Downs, founder of both Different IZ Good and Turning Views Foundation is a passionate, creative, hardworking mom who is building a strong foundation for her own two children and building into the lives of other children and families around the world. Through Gift a Voice, Camilla has put iPhones and iPods into the hands of individuals who use the devices for communication and life independence. Awesome!!!


Gift A Voice




DIG and Turning Views has a need. DIFability RAD and Viable Vocations has made a donation.

See below for details! Let’s keep this GREAT resource alive!!!

“Good morning DIG Community!! Shout out for a wee bit o help! Our DifferentizGood.org and TurningViews.org domains expired today and we have until May 8th to renew and not lose all our content!! We are an itty bitty 501(c)3 and have about $10 in our account right now. If at least 20 people donate anywhere from $.25 to $1 we’ll be able to renew and any overage can be put towards our next Gift a Voice recipient! Here’s the PayPal link … Thanks y’all and Happy Friday!!! -Camilla”


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