MV-1, Accessible travel from the frame up

The Vehicle Production Group has just rolled out the all new, MV-1. Built from the ground up in America, this is the first factory built wheelchair accessible vehicle! No retrofitting here…this sweet ride boasts not one, but two wheelchair locks and can seat up to six with an optional jumpseat.

Ty Beck of Jordan Ford -San Antonio, TX was instrumental in moving Ford forward to support individuals using wheelchairs. Ty not only works for Jordan Ford but also knows first hand the needs of families caring for individuals with special mobility needs. His excitement couldn’t be contained this morning as he drove up in a cherry red MV-1 for the Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society Annual Golf Tournament. C18 families jumped at the chance to get an up close and personal view. Universally designed, this van offers possibilities beyond wheelchair accessibility…

Even Jay Leno has weighed in on the new MV-1! Jay Leno’s Garage

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