Thanks to a severe thunderstorm, I was without power last night at Blog time, so today I’ll be posting two separate blogs to catch up. Needed the rain, but not the interruption!

I’ve wanted to share the work of my Rick Guidotti since I started this blog, but every time I tried to write I became stumped. NOT that I don’t have anything to say or that it’s not important enough to say, but it is SO deeply personal and important to me that I stumped myself.  Rick just sent me the link to this interview on BLOOM, the Blog site of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Canada. Guess whose picture is smack dab at the top of the blog??? The Amazing Pauline! I was excited to read the interview, but even more excited to find another very useful blog for families living with differing needs. Please read! And when you are done reading, check out my next post to learn more about the Amazing Rick!

2 Comments on “BLOOM”

  1. […] cause a “Pauline Stir”…but I’m SO glad she did! Previously I shared a Bloom blog written about my dear friend Rick Guidotti which featured a picture of Pauline. Louise, the […]

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