Positive Exposure: The Spirit of Difference

So I just left you in the previous BLOOM blog…hoping you have read it and are ready to dive into more of Rick and Positive Exposure.

I met Rick Guidotti about 12 years ago at a Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society family conference in San Antonio, Texas. My first impression was “um, who is this stranger with kids climbing all over him…my kid included?!” Having lived six years with my daughter, Pauline, and dealing with the stares, comments and random inappropriateness of strangers, I was concerned with her interactions with this person. The mama bear in me wanted to pull her away and protect, but before I had a chance, she spotted me and came running over saying something like, “that Rick, he’s crazy!” with a HUGE smile on her face. She was comfortable and I just needed to be quiet and deal with it. A few minutes later, I was mesmerized listening to Rick talk about this new project, Positive Exposure. And yep, that Rick, he IS crazy! His ability to capture life without hesitation is incredible and his purpose and zeal for sharing that life with whoever will listen is amazing.

Fast forward 12 years and I cannot say enough good about my dear friend Rick. He has been a strong supporter of our family and of Pauline both in her life and death. (speakers on for the Pauline link) His work is not just about images of people living with genetic difference, but each tells a story of the life which bursts forth regardless of “condition.” You cannot miss the smiles and mischief captured by his camera. And the images are only part of the story…Rick partners with national and international organizations to support medical awareness of varying conditions including spreading information on skin damage due to sun exposure for those living with Albinism in Africa.

I could go on…there is so much to say, but instead, please take a look at the Positive Exposure website and see for yourself! And check out this recent Ted Talks with Rick!

Pauline and Rick!

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