Summer Travel

You know that awkward bolt to the blue carpet hoping by the time you reach the queue your boarding group will be called…and then the sweet woman in the wheelchair is pushed up right in front of you, tipped out of the chair and slowly saunters down the gateway… Have you ever wanted to be that person receiving extra attention on your flight? I’ll admit to considering carrying a cane just for such occasions or at the very least to have a chance to ride in the double wide golf cart with horns through the airport (instead of running). 

My travel woes are a mere drop in the bucket. I can easily ambulate between plane rows, glide down train aisles, climb up the steps of a charter bus…but not everyone has those luxuries. Disabled Travelers is just the site to find tips, strategies and guides for travelers using assistive devices and their traveling companions.  Looking for group tours catering to physical disabilities? How about guides for airline accessibility? Check out their information on Travel Products! Very cool stuff! Great info on renting vans and other equipment for travel assistance!

Happy trails…


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