Disability Funders Foundation

Disability Funders Network connects programs and projects with potential funders – Their mission is to:

  • To increase the extent and effectiveness of grantmaking that benefits people with disabilities
  • To promote inclusion of people with disabilities in effective philanthropy

Today, I had a chance to hear Elaine Katz of the Kessler Foundation and Kevin Webb of theMitsubishi Electric America Foundation speak on the projects and programs each of their foundations support, what types of funding they offer and a few tips on submitting grant proposals. Excellent information and resources!!!

Here are a few the tips and strategies shared today regarding submission of grant funding proposals:

  • Know your funder (don’t just blind send, but find out who they are and what they support)
  • Read the funding guidelines before submitting
  • Build relationships (Don’t rely on cold call techniques, but really look to get to know who you are attempting to work with for funding)
  • Look at the core mission statements of the potential funders (again, get to know them and be sure your intent/mission aligns)

One key bit of info which I did not know prior to today is 85% of philanthropic monies are from individuals! Did you know this??? Don’t hesitiate to let your needs be known throughout your circles and networks…your greatest donor may be sitting next to you in the coffee shop or at the dinner table…


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