CEC – Exceptional resources for exceptional children (and youth)

A little shout out to the GWU SpEd Intro to Transition class…thanks for your participation tonight! On the drive home I was thinking about tonight’s blog and decided it should be CEC – DCDT since it was a resource I mentioned tonight and one I hope you will take time to invest in.

The Council for Exceptional Children was established to help improve the educational success of individuals with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. They are now the largest international professional organization dedicated to this work. CEC provides journals, trainings, annual conferences, and multiple divisions in support of students, families and practitioners. Looking for evidence based practices or instructional strategies, they are here. Looking for professional development opportunities or relevant journal articles there are here.

I’m a member of CEC and DCDT, the Division on Career Development and Transition. I’m also a member of the Virginia DCDT organization and currently running for office for the VA DCDT board. This is a GREAT organization to align with and garner resources!

My favorite CEC resource….Tool of the Week and guess what this weeks tool is….Parents Facilitating Engagement!

Lots to dig through on the CEC site, but take the time…it’s well worth the effort!

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