So I’ve admitted being a resource junkie, but I also love gadgets. A frustration through graduate school was writing in APA format, however, I was introduced to Readability tools, those lovely little helpers who keep us honest when writing for the masses or for the review board. I won’t go into the history of Readability because you can read to your hearts content HERE. When using Word documents these studies can be easily accessed through the tool bar, click on Review, Spelling & Grammar, once you click through any spelling errors, the completed form will show word count reading ease and readability. (plus a few other things) This link below is for more specific in on the Flesch Grade Level Readability Formula.

Why is it important to pay attention to this stuff? Doesn’t everyone read? Nope, not everyone reads and those who do read may not read at the same level. When writing documents for public consumption, it is typical practice to keep the reading level somewhere between grade 4 and 7. There are guides which can be accessed through the link above. is an excellent, easy to use site for checking readability of documents, website content, etc… I’ve made a PDF to show you the simplicity of Online-utility.

Check out this fun video of how tools can make the web a more friendly place to read. 

There are other apps and such for readability, these are just a couple to get you started…Happy Reading!

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