Well Hellloooo summer…

Am I the only one who is a little stifled by today’s heat? It’s 7:23pm EST and I am so ready to crawl into my bed and sleep away the rest of this first real day of heat. Thankfully I have a place to escape the brunt of heat, but what about individuals who are unable (for whatever reason) to adjust their living circumstance to meet the season? Thinking on this led me to the American Red Cross website. Tons of excellent info here, including where to find your local Red Cross office. And there is a great Beat the Heat Cheat Sheet available as well. 

The Red Cross is great for Health and Safety tips, but also for providing tangible supports in times of need/disaster. A dear friend has family currently battling the fires in the South West (US) and the Red Cross will be there supporting families who have lost their homes to the fire.

If you have the time, talent or treasures to share with the American Red Cross, Volunteer.

If you are outside of the the US, check out the International Red Cross! (this link is in English)

Or if all else fails, just join these guys….

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