Typing Tutorials

QWERTY Keyboard Layout

Thanks to Mrs. Murphy’s class in the Elwood Union Free School District, I found a neat new resource today! Laptop Typing Tutorial has not one, not two, but 39 typing tutorial web resources! Some require a download, but most on ready to roll on the site. Here are a few I tried…

A Start on Typing – From USA.gov and NASA, the Space Place site offers more than just typing, there are links to science projects (for students/parents and teachers), how/why things work pages and more! This would be great for elementary aged +/-.

Power Typing – Did you know there is a keyboard other than QWERTY??? I didn’t until I popped on to Power Typing! Apparently the Dvorak keyboard (also known as the Simplified Keyboard or American Simplified Keyboard) was developed in 1936 citing a decrease in finger movements and decrease in typing strain injuries, however it has not been able to replace the standard QWERTY board. Great site for middle and up.

Dvorak Keyboard Layout

Typing Speed Test – Need to know your WPM (Words Per Minute) typed for a job interview? Check out this quick and easy typing speed test!

Check out the rest of the sites to find just the right type for you!

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