Career and Technical Education

With my previous post on Disability Employment, I thought it might be cool to take a quick step back and look at secondary education preparation for employment. I believe preparation does not equate readiness. We can prepare to our hearts content, but that does not mean we are ready. So here’s a resource to help…




The following list of Issues is addressed on this site, with links to explore further research, resource and information:

CCCRA supports actions and policies that will help define student achievement and provide educators and parents with the tools and resources to prepare young people for success.

Any major education initiative, including reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), should include:

Higher and consistent state standards help students, educators, and parents clearly understand what students must learn from kindergarten through graduation to be prepared for college and careers

Emphasis on effective teaching including new policies and incentives to help recruit, prepare, reward, train, measure, and support America’s educators

Quality public charter schools offer educators and policymakers flexibility to implement innovative tools to improve student achievement

Robust data and high-quality data systems successfully measure student progress

Accountability holds states, districts, and schools responsible for improving performance and make transparent who is making significant progress on reforms advanced through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

The Role of Career and Technical Education in Preparing Students to Compete in the Twenty-First-Century Economy is an excellent video which begs further conversation…a discussion on the video will begin on the Sharedwork site within the next week. Stay tuned to to see what practitioners, professionals and families are saying about the role of Career Tech Ed! (link will open page, but the actual discussion will not begin until later this week)

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