Accessible Gaming

As the mom of teen boys, I’m well acquainted with the likes of Skyrim and it’s many game cousins. It’s not uncommon to find an additional 2 to 8 boys piled in front of TV and computer screens on any given Friday night in our home. In all honesty, this used to drive me nuts. I don’t know if it’s age or loosening my locus of control, but now I love when the guys are here. The main reason, I know where my kids are, who they are with and I know they are safe. But it also gives me a chance to get a glimpse into their thoughts, ideas and conversations without being overbearing or over stepping bounds.

My boys are great at letting me join in every now and then…I think it’s mostly to laugh at how poorly I run with a gun or if they need to quickly up their kill rate…I’m an easy target trying to run with said gun. The game controllers are clever inventions, but how accessible are they? I struggle to remember which finger controls which move on which button. Yeah, age showing, I know…but what is available for peeps with differing abilities who want to hang and play with the guys? Here are a few accessible gaming sites which might shed a bit of light…

Game Accessibility – Great overview of various disabilities and their impact on gaming.

Gimpgear – Broadened Horizons – Awesome site for purchasing accessible gaming gear! Incredible Dream Gamer PS2 Cap Game Controller ($$$$) or a One-Handed Ergonomic Palm Game Controller ($$$$) Expensive, yes, but really cool!!!

The Able Gamers Foundation offers more than just accessible ideas. They offer a community of forums, reviews and ways to volunteer!


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