Eat Less CRAP:

Carbonated Drinks

Refined Sugars

Artificial Sweeteners and Colors

Processed Foods

Eat More FOOD:

Fruit and Veggies

Organic Lean Protein

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Drink Water

This bit O wisdom has been swirling around facebook. Got me thinking about summer and my boys being home more and raiding the fridge more. Do I have FOOD or CRAP to offer them. I’d say my own pantry/fridge are at about a 40/60 split at the moment. (good stuff wins out here) Kids who eat a balanced diet are more attentive, healthier and have more uummph. offers kids online games and information for healthy eating and exercising Check out the Move Mixer and then slide over to the recipe section to fuel up for another dancin’ duel.

BAM (Body and Mind) also has games, recipes and such, but for a slightly older crowd. (young/early teens)

One of my favorite recipe sites is I love this food site because you can alter the number of servings in US or Metric measurements…great for just the fam at home (3 or 4 servings) or for band camp (100+ servings). But my favorite thing about Allrecipes is the Dinner Spinner mobile application! Yep, I’m the dork with this app on my Droid and iPad…

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