Lucy Lettuce – a tale of grief

Have you heard of the tale of Lucy Lettuce? It’s one of my all time favorite resources on Grief/Grieving.

“Life was good for Lucy. She had many friends. Then one day something terrible happened…”

Sometimes grief slips in and sometimes it roars into us with Mack Truck force.

“Lucy was smashed down onto the countertop…broken and shattered. But Lucy was tough…”

When we begin to catch our balance, begin to recover from the shock, some of us slip into the greatest, most rampant lie…”I’m fine.” And when we try to keep moving forward without fully dealing with the issue of grief, we may start losing perspective.

“Her world turned into a giant salad spinner. She thought she was going crazy.”

The amazing thing about the human spirit and change is we have the ability to move forward, if we choose.

“She was truly a new person, even though she was in pieces and her heart had been ripped out.”

And while people and situations may change around us, we can again nurture others even in grief.

“Her life would never be the same. She would always have a part of her heart missing….Now that she had finally reached this place in her life she could go out and nurture others.”

So you’ll have to read the book to get the whole story (It’s a very short read), but I wanted to share the simplicity this book brings to the complex topic of grief. I’m in no way diminishing the process of grief, just sharing something which has been a powerful tool for me both personally and professionally. I have presented this story “in 3D” (making the actual salad) and it’s given a neat vessel for the discussion of grief and grieving. (note: the website says for ages 4-8, however, I use this when talking with/presenting to adults)

Image             Lucy Lettuce  by Patrick Loring and Joy Johnson

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