Beyond the Bake Sale

I’ve focused mainly on web resources, but there are so many awesome books like yesterday’s  post, Lucy Lettuce. So today’s resource is an excellent tool for administrators, educators and families: Beyond the Bake Sale – The Essential Guide to Family-School Partnerships

The more the relationship between families and the school is real partnership, the more student achievement increases.

This partnership doesn’t happen overnight. It takes vision, effort and most importantly, a focus on the student/child outcome. Beyond the Bake Sale identifies Four Versions of Partnership (which can be ascertained by utilizing the provided scoring guide).

  • Partnership School
  • Open-Door School
  • Come if We Call School
  • Fortress School

Once identified, there are research based tips and strategies for engaging families and schools in partnership, including surveys, tips for developing a School Family Involvement Policy and School Vision Statement. (Example below)

Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. Research tells us that parent involvement makes a big difference. When Schools welcome families, establish personal relationships among families and staff, help parents understand how the system works, and encourage family-staff collaboration to improve student achievement, students do better in school-and the schools get better.

Our school is committed to being family-friendly and to working as partners with our families to help all our students learn to high levels. Our school encourages families to be:

  • Teachers of their children at home
  • Supporters of our school and of public education
  • Advocates for their own and other children
  • Decision makers in school policy and practice

An excellent resource for PTAs, PTOs, administrators, staff, families…this is a recommended read if you are involved in public education.

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