Ability Jobs

In celebration of October 1 and the beginning of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, I’m sharing Ability Jobs! This site is for both Job Seekers and Employers. Job Seekers may post resumes, learn about ADA employment regulations and other relevant employment topics. Employers may sign up to post job openings and search resumes of Job Seekers. Both sections provide access to ABILITY Magazine.


Disability Employment Awareness Month

Hard to believe we are rounding out September and the start of a new week on Monday starts a new month! October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and ODEP has provided information and materials to help mark and celebrate. There is a section of Resources by Topic including great posters to hang in your office, school or business.

Wisconsin, more than cheese

Wisconsin Statewide Transition Initiative (WSTI) is a great resource for families and educators living in Wisconsin. A solid resource for staying current on all things Transition. Check out the Learning Center…my favorite part of the site.

College Scholarships…for when money stops growing on trees…

I attended a college “planning” meeting at our local high school last night. While the info wasn’t earth shattering, I was reminded of the many college scholarship sites available…and of the number of scholarships which go unused each year. (unused because someone didn’t apply!) Here’s a few to get you started and if you know of others, please comment below!!!

www.fastweb.com – private scholarship and grants

www.collegeanswer.com – private scholarships, grants and fellowships

www.fastaid.com – largest and oldest private sector college scholarship database

www.finaid.org – links to scholarship searches

www.gocollege.com – ranked by TV program 20/20 as an outstanding site

www.peterson.com – scholarships and grants

www.scholarships.com – large database of over 2.2 million awards

www.vawizard.org – click Paying for College: click Scholarship Search


Brief: Education for Life and Work

Good brief from The National Academies on Education for Life and Work, Developing Transferable Knowledge and Skills in the 21st Century  (A brief is a short overview of a larger work. Click HERE to see the full report.)

We Connect Now

We Connect Now was developed in 2008 in an effort to connect and integrate college students with disabilities as a virtual community with a voice on important issues. The website has been used as a resource by institutions of higher learning and has been linked to by colleges and universities and groups serving people with disabilities in all 50 states of the United
States of America and at least 10 other nations. If you’re a Facebook user, follow our We Connect Now Facebook page.

Decision Makers – Policy Direct

Decision makers are bombarded with pleas and information daily. Whether it’s in education, government, or business, these decision makers need timely, valid, relevant  information. Policy Direct is an online resource which offers academic research to policy makers. Topical areas covered include:

            • Alternative Credentials
            • Developmental Education
            • Governance
            • K12 to PSE Linkages
            • Transfer and Student Mobility
            • Career and Technical Education
            • Employment Outcomes
            • Financial Readiness
            • High School Coursetaking
            • Student Learning Outcomes
            • Workforce Development

Simply type in a question (eg: What is the relation between academic performance and course intensity?), define your search using the metric sliders (qualitative, quantitative, cost effective, scalable, insightful, enduring), and then browse the listings of academic research related to your query.

This is NOT an exhaustive list, but it is user friendly and offers a quick alternative to sorting through journals. (Journal digging may still be necessary for certain subjects/topics).