I try not to worry about stuff…”Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere.” Even though I try to keep worry out of my daily equation, it doesn’t mean I’m not concerned, especially about my kids and their well being. They are older now and each possess a good amount of internet smarts, but I do still remind and encourage appropriate online “behaviors.” Regardless of how old they get, they will always be my children which means I always have the right and opportunity to speak into their lives. (I think some parents forget this…) Parenting a wired family requires invested vigilance.


NETSMARTZ is a great online internet safety resource parents and guardians. Filled with videos and presentations (both downloadable to share), interactive lessons and more, this site offers kids, tweens, teens, parents and educators an opportunity to explore internet safety, posting do’s/don’t for social media, cyber bullying and identity theft. Definitely a resource worth spending some time in! Share this with your child’s school counselors, teachers, extracurricular activity leaders, churches…a safety message worth spreading.


Here’s a couple of videos from the large video stash on Netsmartz:

Tracking Teresa (ages 11-17) How much information can someone learn about you online in 20 minutes?

UYN with Alyson Stoner (ages 5-10)

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  1. […] previously shared a few resources on bullying, (Family Matters, Netsmartz, Anti-bullying App)but wanted to acknowledge and support Unity Day. There’s an excellent […]

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