Decision Makers – Policy Direct

Decision makers are bombarded with pleas and information daily. Whether it’s in education, government, or business, these decision makers need timely, valid, relevant  information. Policy Direct is an online resource which offers academic research to policy makers. Topical areas covered include:

            • Alternative Credentials
            • Developmental Education
            • Governance
            • K12 to PSE Linkages
            • Transfer and Student Mobility
            • Career and Technical Education
            • Employment Outcomes
            • Financial Readiness
            • High School Coursetaking
            • Student Learning Outcomes
            • Workforce Development

Simply type in a question (eg: What is the relation between academic performance and course intensity?), define your search using the metric sliders (qualitative, quantitative, cost effective, scalable, insightful, enduring), and then browse the listings of academic research related to your query.

This is NOT an exhaustive list, but it is user friendly and offers a quick alternative to sorting through journals. (Journal digging may still be necessary for certain subjects/topics).

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