Teachers Pay Teachers

A friend recently told me of the curriculum development she had done in order to successfully engage students in her specific content area while meeting the Virginia Standards of Learning. I was impressed with her work, but discouraged the school system did not acknowledge the time/effort required to build such a curriculum from scratch.

Teachers Pay Teachers is an awesome collective of teaching tools both free and for a fee.


What have you developed which could be used by other teachers?

What is Emergency Preparedness?

emergency preparednessHere’s another Emergency Preparedness site with good info! (We are several hours into steady rain. Yard is flooded. But power is still on!)

What is Emergency Preparedness?



Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

With Sandy upon us, I thought it might be wise to share information on Emergency Preparedness for people with disabilities.

Disability.gov has links to both State and National emergency preparedness information.

A booklet was developed by the Independent Living Resource Center of San Francisco to provide emergency preparedness tips for people with a variety of disabilities. The general nature of this document is  meant to start the conversation regarding personal preparedness planning. Each tip sheet begins with a checklist which you can use as you complete the major activities described, based upon your personal needs. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES 

The Red Cross also provides information for People with Disabilities.

Here’s a GREAT cell phone tip: Add entries in your cell phone address book under the label ICE (In Case of Emergency) with the names and phone numbers of people that should be called in case of an accident or injury. Simply put the acronym ICE before the names you want to designate as key contacts *and* to make them top of the list.


COAT advocates for accessibility and usability of technology for people with disabilities. COAT’s overall aim is to ensure accessibility, usability, and affordability of all broadband, wireless, and Internet technologies for people with disabilities.



I’m in North Carolina for the NCRCA/VEWAA/VECAP conference and thought I’d share a little info on VEWAA.(Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association)

VEWAA strives to improve and advance the fields of work readiness and vocational evaluation through education and training.

Check out the FAQ section of the website.Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association

Managing Technology

I’ve been preparing for a presentation on Apps and Ethics this week in North Carolina and was reminded of a good book for Non-Profit leaders…Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission…which reminded me of a great website for Non-Profit leaders…NTEN.

From the Book: (book can be found on Amazon)                                                     

How do you determine a good ROI?

How do you budget and staff for technology?

What is effective Online Communication?

From the Website:

The Non Profit Technology Network (NTEN) strives to provide resource and support to non-profit technology leaders. This is a membership organization, but there is a FREE journal subscription – NTEN Change!

Small Business in the US

This week I was reminded of a woman I met a few years back who started her own business. Lissie, of Lissie’s Luv Yums, was a guest speaker at a conference in Chicago and I was encouraged to hear her story of the road to employment. Lissie’s unique needs led she and her foster mom to design and develop a business which could provide flexibility and doing something she enjoyed, while earning income. Take a look at her video and website!

PS My Dog LOVED Lissie’s Luv Yums!!!