of Frogs and Apps

Reading this info and watching the video brought back the vile smell of formaldehyde and visions of the dreaded science lab dissections. I vividly remember naming the baby pig I was about to cut open “Frenchy” because its tongue was hanging out. Aside from dredging up memories better left buried, this resource is pretty cool!

Frog Dissection Virtual Frog Dissection offers formaldehyde free science exploration for students. This app works on iPads, desktops, laptops,netbooks and interactive whiteboards. Interactive dissection provides students opportunities to not only explore the frog anatomy, but there’s a side by side comparison of human vs. frog anatomy. Not only does this app provide animal killing free zones, but for students with allergies, fine and gross motor challenges, and need for language supports, this app is an excellent alternative utilizing “assistive technology.”

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