App! Common Core Standards

Found a new app today! With most states adopting the Common Core Standards, it was only a matter of time before someone made an App for That…

I’ll admit, this one is pretty cool as you can choose the core subject, grade level, and category with a description. Great for teachers making lesson plans or parents trying to keep up with their kids education.

DROID Market

APPLE iPad/iPod

Note: I’ve downloaded to both my Droid smartphone and my Apple iPad…works well either way.


Anti-Bullying App!

  Check out what’s happening in 8 school districts in Fresno, CA!

Read story HERE.

See Story HERE! Fresno Co. Schools Unveil New Anti Bullying App




Twitter Twat #educationtechnology

Dying to know which Twitter feeds are the best regarding education technology? Look no more…the Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Education Technology is here!

Haven’t joined the Twitter nation yet? Join HERE or just live vicariously through your friendly neighborhood Twitter Twits.



VoCal is another cool app for iPhone and iPad. This isn’t a stand alone calendar system, BUT it is a voice created audio reminder system and a voiced calendar. Record your voice to set an alarm clock or task reminder…no need to type! The Lite version (free) has ads or you can pay $5.99 for the full app with no adds and unlimited reminders!


Here’s a free app for iPhone and iPad, well, the app is free, but it’ll cost you $1.99 to create an online account. You’ll be able to track classes, homework, tests and assignments and since it’s on the web, you can sync and access your info from your desktop/laptop at home at