COSD – Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

You have a disability. 

Your resumé does not.


Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities provides great resources for both employers and students! There’s a ton of info within this site, but here are the two main sections I focused on:

Full Access – networking and education summit uniting students and graduates with disabilities.

Career Gateway – COSD’s mission is to help corporate America find those graduates, and vice versa.

Here’s the Log In link for both students and employers.



I’m in North Carolina for the NCRCA/VEWAA/VECAP conference and thought I’d share a little info on VEWAA.(Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association)

VEWAA strives to improve and advance the fields of work readiness and vocational evaluation through education and training.

Check out the FAQ section of the website.Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association

Small Business in the US

This week I was reminded of a woman I met a few years back who started her own business. Lissie, of Lissie’s Luv Yums, was a guest speaker at a conference in Chicago and I was encouraged to hear her story of the road to employment. Lissie’s unique needs led she and her foster mom to design and develop a business which could provide flexibility and doing something she enjoyed, while earning income. Take a look at her video and website!

PS My Dog LOVED Lissie’s Luv Yums!!!

Disability Mentoring Day

 Held the 3rd Wednesday of October, Disability Mentoring Day (DMD) connects students and job seekers with disabilities to employers.

Start planning NOW to host a DMD 2013!


Partnerships in Career Exploration

Taking a break from web resources for today and sharing 2 articles which provide good insight on employment exploration and planning. The first outlines how to Build Partnerships for Career Exploration. The second is a simple list of What Employers Really Want & Want Job Seekers to Know. Nothing earth quaking or shattering in either document, so my northern friends need not worry.


In Disclosure Decisions to Get the Job, individuals are guided through things to consider prior to choosing to disclose or not to disclose. Identifying the three steps to disclosure provides a very helpful process to assist in decision making. 

1. Determine NEED for Disclosure

2. Decide WHEN to Disclose

3. Choose HOW to Disclose

Read the full PDF to see all the tips, strategies and examples.

NCDA – National Career Development Association

Click the NCDA logo for home page

NCDA is the longest running career development association in the world. Founded in 1913 as National Vocational Guidance Association (NVGA), in 1985 it was renamed to its current National Career Development Association (NCDA). NCDA has developed standards for the career development profession as well as evaluation of career information materials. There are publications, resources, professional development opportunities and an annual conference. Click the link below to read an article from the 10/1/12 Career Convergence Magazine