Pepnet2 (pn2) is a national collaboration of  professionals with expertise in a broad array of content areas and  a variety of environments, including research, technology, personnel development, media production, and technical assistance who work in support of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, including those with co-occurring disabilities.

Resources include:

  • Live, one-on-one assistance in a variety of communication modes,
  • In-person and online training,
  • Materials that are downloadable, printable or available as hard copies

Pepnet2 also offers:

  • Technical Assistance to improve educational, programmatic, and vocational accessibility.
  • Professional Development
  • Research and Evidence Synthesis
  • Leadership Coordination

For more specifics about what is offered, check out the About Us website section.

A GREAT resource to peruse is the Online Notetaker Training! This is a self-guided training which defines the role of the notetaker, provides notetaking strategies, and information on hearing loss for students are deaf or hard of hearing. 



COSD – Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

You have a disability. 

Your resumé does not.


Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities provides great resources for both employers and students! There’s a ton of info within this site, but here are the two main sections I focused on:

Full Access – networking and education summit uniting students and graduates with disabilities.

Career Gateway – COSD’s mission is to help corporate America find those graduates, and vice versa.

Here’s the Log In link for both students and employers.

Write Right

Thanks to the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL), I made it through graduate school…and I continue to access the OWL for reminders, prompts, and answers to bleeding questions like, How do you cite a website? or What is a cover letter? This is an excellent writing source for secondary, post-secondary and workplace writing.

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry, because I always back up my rage with facts and documented sources.” ~The Credible Hulk

AT – AbleData

AbleData: Your source for assistive technology information

AbleData does not produce, distribute or sell products, but it does provide an excellent product listing with manufacturer and distributor information. PRODUCTS are classified by intended function or special features. Other resources provided include:

  • links to Web resources that provide information on assistive technology and other disability-related issues
  • the Assistive Technology Library, a searchable list of books, articles, papers and other paper and electronic publications that deal with topics relating to assistive technology
  • AbleData’s own publications that aid in selecting assistive products
  • product reviews and classified ads in the Consumer Forum
  • conferences and other events on topics relating to assistive technology and disability
  • news items on assistive technology and disability issues that you may have missed.

Click on Environmental Adaptions below to see an excerpt from the Product listings.

Environmental Adaptations
Products that make the built environment more accessible.
Major Categories: Indoor Environment, Furniture, Outdoor Environment, Vertical Accessibility, Houses, Polling Place Accessibility, Lighting, Signs.

College Scholarships…for when money stops growing on trees…

I attended a college “planning” meeting at our local high school last night. While the info wasn’t earth shattering, I was reminded of the many college scholarship sites available…and of the number of scholarships which go unused each year. (unused because someone didn’t apply!) Here’s a few to get you started and if you know of others, please comment below!!! – private scholarship and grants – private scholarships, grants and fellowships – largest and oldest private sector college scholarship database – links to scholarship searches – ranked by TV program 20/20 as an outstanding site – scholarships and grants – large database of over 2.2 million awards – click Paying for College: click Scholarship Search