Laughter is the Best Medicine

I am in need of some humor today and thought maybe someone else might need a chuckle too. Here’s a link to a few tips from the folks at, Laughter is the Best Medicine

“The most wasted day of all is that in which we have not laughed.”

“Laughter is the closest distance between two people.”


American Art Therapy Association

The AATA provides networking opportunities for networking with art therapy professionals, gives a voice in state and federal legislative forums, as well as general information and resources. One resource in particular is the Careers in Art Therapy Toolkit, which provides information on integrating art therapy in the career fields of Autism, Eating Disorders, Medical Care Settings, Traumatic Events, Secondary Schools, and Older Adults.



AT – AbleData

AbleData: Your source for assistive technology information

AbleData does not produce, distribute or sell products, but it does provide an excellent product listing with manufacturer and distributor information. PRODUCTS are classified by intended function or special features. Other resources provided include:

  • links to Web resources that provide information on assistive technology and other disability-related issues
  • the Assistive Technology Library, a searchable list of books, articles, papers and other paper and electronic publications that deal with topics relating to assistive technology
  • AbleData’s own publications that aid in selecting assistive products
  • product reviews and classified ads in the Consumer Forum
  • conferences and other events on topics relating to assistive technology and disability
  • news items on assistive technology and disability issues that you may have missed.

Click on Environmental Adaptions below to see an excerpt from the Product listings.

Environmental Adaptations
Products that make the built environment more accessible.
Major Categories: Indoor Environment, Furniture, Outdoor Environment, Vertical Accessibility, Houses, Polling Place Accessibility, Lighting, Signs.

Virginia – Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority

Live in Virginia and need to borrow money for hearing aids, car modifications, or other large dollar assistive tech items? Check out the Virginia Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority!


Have you ever been told there is no one else like you? For many parents of children with chromosome differences, this is commonly heard. My friend, Dr. Jannine Cody says, “anything you can do with a copier, scissors and glue can happen to your chromosomes.” Translocations, deletions, duplications…anything is possible. While there are many grassroots organizations which serve specific chromosome disorders, Chromosome Disorder Outreach (CDO) is kinda the “catch all” for those who don’t fit neatly into other places/organizations. Membership is free and the resources are many.


With the weekend approaching, what does your time graph look like? Are you running from game to game with the kids? Or trying to catch up on all of the errands needed for the following week? Life if full. Life is busy. Life can be overwhelming…if we do not have Margin. 

In his book, Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives, Richard A. Swenson, MD discusses the pains of margin-less living and the prescription for building margin to bring a more healthful balance. Not an easy task in today’s society, but one which is so needed if we are to raise up the next generation with full steam!



CCHD – New Born Screening

CCHD – Critical Congenital Heart Disease, as the mom of two kids with heart issues I know the need for good new born screening. (And the need for thorough pre-born screening as well)  One of my children had severe heart issues (VSD, ASD, small mis-shappen aorta, pulmonary atresia, situs inversus totalis-heart flipped/flipped and in wrong place, etc…, multiple surgeries) and one of my children has a “simple” VSD (closed on it’s own by age 5). It’s not just about having the screening resource, but understanding it’s usefulness and how it works. Here’s a video on CCHD for parents to help understand the need for and the process of this test:


Baby’s First Test provides great information for new parents on what new born screening tests are available and how to talk with your doctor about the tests and subsequent results. There’s also state by state info on screening and news and blog links to follow and dialog along with others.