Friendship Circle

After a week of NO internet, I’m back! Whew…was having withdrawals!

A friend shared this blog with me and it’s definitely worth a read! The Friendship Circle blog “provides a space to receive great resources, read and share opinions, and stay up to date on the latest trends and news in the special needs community. You’ll hear from parents, special educators, therapists, advocates, and those with special needs themselves. Whether you come to learn, share, or give your own opinion join us…. You are among friends.”

This blog, in particular, has great information when considering chores as preparation for employment!  10 Benefits of Chores For Your Child With Special Needs


Small Business in the US

This week I was reminded of a woman I met a few years back who started her own business. Lissie, of Lissie’s Luv Yums, was a guest speaker at a conference in Chicago and I was encouraged to hear her story of the road to employment. Lissie’s unique needs led she and her foster mom to design and develop a business which could provide flexibility and doing something she enjoyed, while earning income. Take a look at her video and website!

PS My Dog LOVED Lissie’s Luv Yums!!!


In Disclosure Decisions to Get the Job, individuals are guided through things to consider prior to choosing to disclose or not to disclose. Identifying the three steps to disclosure provides a very helpful process to assist in decision making. 

1. Determine NEED for Disclosure

2. Decide WHEN to Disclose

3. Choose HOW to Disclose

Read the full PDF to see all the tips, strategies and examples.

AT – AbleData

AbleData: Your source for assistive technology information

AbleData does not produce, distribute or sell products, but it does provide an excellent product listing with manufacturer and distributor information. PRODUCTS are classified by intended function or special features. Other resources provided include:

  • links to Web resources that provide information on assistive technology and other disability-related issues
  • the Assistive Technology Library, a searchable list of books, articles, papers and other paper and electronic publications that deal with topics relating to assistive technology
  • AbleData’s own publications that aid in selecting assistive products
  • product reviews and classified ads in the Consumer Forum
  • conferences and other events on topics relating to assistive technology and disability
  • news items on assistive technology and disability issues that you may have missed.

Click on Environmental Adaptions below to see an excerpt from the Product listings.

Environmental Adaptations
Products that make the built environment more accessible.
Major Categories: Indoor Environment, Furniture, Outdoor Environment, Vertical Accessibility, Houses, Polling Place Accessibility, Lighting, Signs.

We Connect Now

We Connect Now was developed in 2008 in an effort to connect and integrate college students with disabilities as a virtual community with a voice on important issues. The website has been used as a resource by institutions of higher learning and has been linked to by colleges and universities and groups serving people with disabilities in all 50 states of the United
States of America and at least 10 other nations. If you’re a Facebook user, follow our We Connect Now Facebook page.

Service Animals

Pet Partners doesn’t train or place service animals, but their website provides excellent information for all you need to know about service animals. Great info on obtaining a service animal, traveling with your animal, ADA regulations on animals, etc… Also, excellent info on how to become a Registered Pet Therapy Animal Team!


And in honor of service animals and their trainers…meet Mudd…


VoCal is another cool app for iPhone and iPad. This isn’t a stand alone calendar system, BUT it is a voice created audio reminder system and a voiced calendar. Record your voice to set an alarm clock or task reminder…no need to type! The Lite version (free) has ads or you can pay $5.99 for the full app with no adds and unlimited reminders!