American Art Therapy Association

The AATA provides networking opportunities for networking with art therapy professionals, gives a voice in state and federal legislative forums, as well as general information and resources. One resource in particular is the Careers in Art Therapy Toolkit, which provides information on integrating art therapy in the career fields of Autism, Eating Disorders, Medical Care Settings, Traumatic Events, Secondary Schools, and Older Adults.





Have you ever been told there is no one else like you? For many parents of children with chromosome differences, this is commonly heard. My friend, Dr. Jannine Cody says, “anything you can do with a copier, scissors and glue can happen to your chromosomes.” Translocations, deletions, duplications…anything is possible. While there are many grassroots organizations which serve specific chromosome disorders, Chromosome Disorder Outreach (CDO) is kinda the “catch all” for those who don’t fit neatly into other places/organizations. Membership is free and the resources are many.

CCHD – New Born Screening

CCHD – Critical Congenital Heart Disease, as the mom of two kids with heart issues I know the need for good new born screening. (And the need for thorough pre-born screening as well)  One of my children had severe heart issues (VSD, ASD, small mis-shappen aorta, pulmonary atresia, situs inversus totalis-heart flipped/flipped and in wrong place, etc…, multiple surgeries) and one of my children has a “simple” VSD (closed on it’s own by age 5). It’s not just about having the screening resource, but understanding it’s usefulness and how it works. Here’s a video on CCHD for parents to help understand the need for and the process of this test:


Baby’s First Test provides great information for new parents on what new born screening tests are available and how to talk with your doctor about the tests and subsequent results. There’s also state by state info on screening and news and blog links to follow and dialog along with others.