Pepnet2 (pn2) is a national collaboration of  professionals with expertise in a broad array of content areas and  a variety of environments, including research, technology, personnel development, media production, and technical assistance who work in support of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, including those with co-occurring disabilities.

Resources include:

  • Live, one-on-one assistance in a variety of communication modes,
  • In-person and online training,
  • Materials that are downloadable, printable or available as hard copies

Pepnet2 also offers:

  • Technical Assistance to improve educational, programmatic, and vocational accessibility.
  • Professional Development
  • Research and Evidence Synthesis
  • Leadership Coordination

For more specifics about what is offered, check out the About Us website section.

A GREAT resource to peruse is the Online Notetaker Training! This is a self-guided training which defines the role of the notetaker, provides notetaking strategies, and information on hearing loss for students are deaf or hard of hearing. 



COAT advocates for accessibility and usability of technology for people with disabilities. COAT’s overall aim is to ensure accessibility, usability, and affordability of all broadband, wireless, and Internet technologies for people with disabilities.


Managing Technology

I’ve been preparing for a presentation on Apps and Ethics this week in North Carolina and was reminded of a good book for Non-Profit leaders…Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission…which reminded me of a great website for Non-Profit leaders…NTEN.

From the Book: (book can be found on Amazon)                                                     

How do you determine a good ROI?

How do you budget and staff for technology?

What is effective Online Communication?

From the Website:

The Non Profit Technology Network (NTEN) strives to provide resource and support to non-profit technology leaders. This is a membership organization, but there is a FREE journal subscription – NTEN Change!

Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs

ATAP logo

ATAP provides support to state Assistive Technology (AT) Program members. A history of the AT Act and subsequent amendments can be found under the Legislative/Issues tab.

Statewide AT Program Directors Meeting

ATAP and Catalyst to Co-Host the Statewide AT Program Directors Meeting on May 6-7, 2013 during RESNA Catalyst Project’s Employment Summit which is being held from May 6-9, 2013. In addition, a Financial Loan Best Practices Institute will be held on May 7, 2013. The event will be held at the Maryland Hyatt Regency, Bethesda, Maryland. Mark your calendars now.

AT – AbleData

AbleData: Your source for assistive technology information

AbleData does not produce, distribute or sell products, but it does provide an excellent product listing with manufacturer and distributor information. PRODUCTS are classified by intended function or special features. Other resources provided include:

  • links to Web resources that provide information on assistive technology and other disability-related issues
  • the Assistive Technology Library, a searchable list of books, articles, papers and other paper and electronic publications that deal with topics relating to assistive technology
  • AbleData’s own publications that aid in selecting assistive products
  • product reviews and classified ads in the Consumer Forum
  • conferences and other events on topics relating to assistive technology and disability
  • news items on assistive technology and disability issues that you may have missed.

Click on Environmental Adaptions below to see an excerpt from the Product listings.

Environmental Adaptations
Products that make the built environment more accessible.
Major Categories: Indoor Environment, Furniture, Outdoor Environment, Vertical Accessibility, Houses, Polling Place Accessibility, Lighting, Signs.

of Frogs and Apps

Reading this info and watching the video brought back the vile smell of formaldehyde and visions of the dreaded science lab dissections. I vividly remember naming the baby pig I was about to cut open “Frenchy” because its tongue was hanging out. Aside from dredging up memories better left buried, this resource is pretty cool!

Frog Dissection Virtual Frog Dissection offers formaldehyde free science exploration for students. This app works on iPads, desktops, laptops,netbooks and interactive whiteboards. Interactive dissection provides students opportunities to not only explore the frog anatomy, but there’s a side by side comparison of human vs. frog anatomy. Not only does this app provide animal killing free zones, but for students with allergies, fine and gross motor challenges, and need for language supports, this app is an excellent alternative utilizing “assistive technology.”


I try not to worry about stuff…”Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere.” Even though I try to keep worry out of my daily equation, it doesn’t mean I’m not concerned, especially about my kids and their well being. They are older now and each possess a good amount of internet smarts, but I do still remind and encourage appropriate online “behaviors.” Regardless of how old they get, they will always be my children which means I always have the right and opportunity to speak into their lives. (I think some parents forget this…) Parenting a wired family requires invested vigilance.


NETSMARTZ is a great online internet safety resource parents and guardians. Filled with videos and presentations (both downloadable to share), interactive lessons and more, this site offers kids, tweens, teens, parents and educators an opportunity to explore internet safety, posting do’s/don’t for social media, cyber bullying and identity theft. Definitely a resource worth spending some time in! Share this with your child’s school counselors, teachers, extracurricular activity leaders, churches…a safety message worth spreading.


Here’s a couple of videos from the large video stash on Netsmartz:

Tracking Teresa (ages 11-17) How much information can someone learn about you online in 20 minutes?

UYN with Alyson Stoner (ages 5-10)