Virtual TechKnowledgy Conference

2012-2013 Virtual TechKnowledgy Conference

The 2nd Virtual TechKnowledgy conference is now live and ready for viewing. This virtual conference provides access to training sessions on the use of assistive and education technologies. This resource is available 24 houryears at, year round for anyone that has a TTAC Online account. These sessions are free to anyone and are funded through our Training and Technical Assistance Centers.

You can enter the conference one of two ways: go to the AT site on T/TAC Online follow the TechKnowledgy tab or you can enter the conference directly at


Teachers Pay Teachers

A friend recently told me of the curriculum development she had done in order to successfully engage students in her specific content area while meeting the Virginia Standards of Learning. I was impressed with her work, but discouraged the school system did not acknowledge the time/effort required to build such a curriculum from scratch.

Teachers Pay Teachers is an awesome collective of teaching tools both free and for a fee.


What have you developed which could be used by other teachers?


Reminded today of a colleague…Jack is an artist, a painter. (He has several really cool pieces and I’m hoping to get my hands on one!) Jack is a strong advocate for youth with disabilities and an even stronger role model. Jack has differing abilities and while providing technical assistance for his colleagues and stakeholders in the disability field is a necessity in his work, painting is his passion. So in honor of Jack today, here are a couple of Art related organizations for persons with differing abilities. (both in the NE of the US, but there are many in other regions as well!)

Snapsing – Special Needs Arts Programs, Inc.

Did it just get cooler out there?

As soon as the temps start dropping after Labor Day weekend, my mind starts daydreaming of below freezing, white laden winter days. There is NOTHING like the wind ripping the top layer of your skin off or the pounding the knees take running moguls…well, if I actually still skied moguls… We are a snow skiing family and I LOVE this sport which allows us to be together yet at different levels. I’ve learned over the last 6 years or so more and more about adaptive skiing. What an awesome rush to share with anyone, regardless of ability!!! If snow skiing isn’t your thing, then check out the other awesome sports covered by the



For Virginians re: AMOs (don’t you wish you were here?)

Here’s an AMO Fact Sheet from The Advocacy Institute

I am NOT endorsing this Facebook page, however, there are several links on it which may be of interest for those who want more information.

Letter from US DOE to Patricia Wright, VA DOE regarding Virginia’s AMOs.

And just in case you are wondering what other states are doing regarding core standards/assessments, check out the CCSSO information:


Ed Week

Education Week

Great blog, great info and this particular blog is about the common core standards for career tech Ed. Happy reading…

Facebook “like”worthy

If you’re on Facebook for any amount of time, you’ll be assaulted with game invites, requests from people you can’t remember (but should remember), and of course a bazillion “like” requests. It’s all fun and games for the first few minutes, then the novelty wears off. How do know what pages are “like”worthy? A list has been compiled of Facebook pages to Like regarding Special Education. Take a look at the list HERE.