Learning and The Brain

This is one of those conference brochures I drool over…34th Learning and the BRAIN conference, February 14-16, 2013

Learning and the Brain




With conference program topics like…

  • Developing Insight, Problem-Solving and Reasoning Skills
  • Benefits of the Arts on Brains, Language and Learning

…this is a time of learning you’ll want to sink your teeth into!

Anyone willing to sponsor me to attend??? 🙂

Check out the Learning and the Brain Summer Institutes too! And join the Society to access the online community!


American Art Therapy Association

The AATA provides networking opportunities for networking with art therapy professionals, gives a voice in state and federal legislative forums, as well as general information and resources. One resource in particular is the Careers in Art Therapy Toolkit, which provides information on integrating art therapy in the career fields of Autism, Eating Disorders, Medical Care Settings, Traumatic Events, Secondary Schools, and Older Adults.



Study Skills

With the onset of fall semesters in both secondary and post secondary learning, I thought I’d share a link regarding study skills. I’ve mentioned CAST previously, but directing you in this post to a particular book Learning to Read in the Computer Age and in particular, Chapter 3 Developing Reading Strategies. Great insight for teachers and parents for helping to develop strong(er) study skills for our students/kids…and maybe ourselves as well!

Conover Company

Conover CompanyConover Company has excellent research based assessment tools covering areas like; Functional Skills and Social/Emotional Learning. Their work in mobile technology is awesome. I frequently use the Conover Company iPad Apps – there are 4 FREE Sampler programs:

The Education Blog and Corporate Blog provide resource and dialog opportunities.

TONS of great info on this site. Yes, there is a cost to much of their assessment offerings, but having used several, I would recommend.

“App”tivities in Education

Going through a few files on my computer today and I found this gem. Apptivities in Education

Here’s a snippet from the Table of Contents…

Resources on Finding & Evaluating
Document sharing and storage
Time Management & Teacher/Administrative Resources
Text to speech
Speech to Text Voice Recognition Apps
Mind Mapping (organizing thoughts for writing)
Speech Production/Articulation
Occupational Therapy
Switch Use
Early Childhood
Organizational/Time-saving Strategies
Life & Social Skills
Switch Interface
And more!

~Compiled by Maureen Melonis, M.N.S., CCC-SLP, Senior Instructor, Director, Assistive Technology Partners, University of Colorado Denver www.assistivetechnologypartners.org



Khan Academy

We’re a good chunk into summer vacation here in Virginia. It must be time to prep for the new school year…right? NOOOOOOO, but if you feel so inclined, check out Khan Academy. Their tag line…166,264,148 lessons delivered and those lessons cover math, science, finance & economics, humanities, and test prep. There are videos, Q & A discussion forums, and loads of info here.

Here’s a Khan brain teaser…

Free Teaching Resources – We Are Teachers

Whether you are a home school parent, public or private school teacher, We Are Teachers has excellent App Reviews, classroom printables, interactive communities and more. There is even a section to apply for grants!