NCDA – National Career Development Association

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NCDA is the longest running career development association in the world. Founded in 1913 as National Vocational Guidance Association (NVGA), in 1985 it was renamed to its current National Career Development Association (NCDA). NCDA has developed standards for the career development profession as well as evaluation of career information materials. There are publications, resources, professional development opportunities and an annual conference. Click the link below to read an article from the 10/1/12 Career Convergence Magazine


KTER Center

Thanks to a colleague, I was shown this website today…a resource for

Take a look at this Tech Brief on Knowledge Translation for Employment Research Based Practice by State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Staff


Conover Company

Conover CompanyConover Company has excellent research based assessment tools covering areas like; Functional Skills and Social/Emotional Learning. Their work in mobile technology is awesome. I frequently use the Conover Company iPad Apps – there are 4 FREE Sampler programs:

The Education Blog and Corporate Blog provide resource and dialog opportunities.

TONS of great info on this site. Yes, there is a cost to much of their assessment offerings, but having used several, I would recommend.

Zarrow Center

The Zarrow Center provides excellent research based resources around issues of Transition. For today’s post I’ll direct you to the Transition resources, specifically the Self Determination Assessment Tools



“Authentic Assessments”

I love finding different ways to get information across…found this 15 minute video on Authentic Assessment from Canada which I thought was worth sharing. The first 10+ minutes is focused on General Education, however, it identifies several issues discussed in Special Education, including Universal Design for Learning. The last 4+ minutes looks at Special Education and Authentic Assessment. Excellent info/dialog points in those last few minutes…but be sure to listen from start to finish! Authentic Assessment

Here are a few note worthy snips from the video:

  • “Teaching should be about giving students the right tools to succeed in life. Teaching should be about guiding students…”
  • “Knowledge needs to have practical application.”
  • “…provides a case for evaluation being most equitable when open dialog between teacher and students…”
  • “…Authentic Assessment allows students to express their own aptitudes and interests and demonstrate mastery in learning…”

Wounded Warrior Project

Memorial Day and Veterans Day are just two days out of the year where we stop to honor those who gave their lives and those who continue to serve. After the barbecues are put back behind the house, after the red, white, and blue banners are taken down, folded, and placed away, veterans and their families still live in the daily effects of war. Wounded Warrior Project provides support via free projects to nourish the individuals injured in the line of duty. Reengaging in community and with family, challenging new physical boundaries and building transferable skill sets to improve economic prosperity…just a few of the awesome things offered through the Wounded Warrior Project programs. Check out this great work and see if there is a volunteer role you could play to support our veterans.


NCWD Youth!

Hey Youts! Looking for employment info? Need to learn about disability rights in the workplace? How about info on mental health needs? Yep, it’s all here at NCWD Youth!

Here’s a few of my favorite sections:

Quick Reference Guide (and the first one list just happens to be my fav…Assessment)

Check out what other states/programs are doing in Innovative Strategies

And of course, Family! Where would you be with them? Tips and strategies to support youth to work.